The Zero-Contact, Zero-Downtime Body-Sculpting Treatment You Need to Know About

What if we told you that you could get rid of stubborn abdominal fat with a simple in-office treatment that never even touches your skin? It’s likely you wouldn’t believe us—but you should. Enter: EON by Dominion Aesthetic Technologies.

Never heard of it? Here, we’ll explain exactly what EON is, how it works, and who it’s best for so you’ll know what to expect should you decide to book an appointment for yourself.

How does EON work?

EON is a new FDA-cleared laser device for body contouring. It’s completely external, and unlike most other body-contouring devices, the laser treatment head never touches the skin. Instead, a sophisticated robot arm hovers about an inch over the patient’s body and emits laser energy to the targeted area, destroying fat cells in the process.

“It uses the well-known scientific principle of ‘apoptosis,’ which is heating the fat between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius to activate the body’s natural cell turnover system, causing the fat cells to be gradually removed over three to fourth months,” explains Orlando, FL plastic surgeon Thomas Fiala, MD. “The laser energy heats the deeper fatty tissue to the temperatures needed to start apoptosis, while EON’s powerful cold air jets keep the skin’s surface cool and comfortable.”

What is an appointment like?

The appointment itself is rather simple. First, the area of fat is marked, much like a surgeon would do with liposuction. The patient then lies down on a treatment table and EON scans their body shape to learn how it should move the treatment head. The treatment head then delivers both the laser energy and jet cooling at the same time, keeping the skin surface comfortable and safe. “It also has built-in temperature scanners, which keep things safe by adjusting the laser power whenever needed, based on the skin’s surface temperature,” explains Dr. Fiala.

According to Dr. Fiala, most people say the treatment reminds them of sunbathing at the beach, but with a cool breeze blowing at the same time. People frequently rate the treatment as “mild,” but hot spots are possible over bony prominences or prior scars. If patients feel a hot spot on their body, the provider can either dial in an extra blast of cooling or lower the laser settings to improve comfort.

Is there any downtime or side effects?
Fortunately, the vast majority of patients find this to be a very easy recovery, with no significant downtime or change in activities. “No burns, no blisters, no prolonged redness, and no need for post-treatment medications,” he explains. “You can immediately resume full activities.”

Who is a good candidate for this?

“The best candidate is someone who has never had prior surgery, with about an inch or so of fat on their abdomen to treat, and no surgical scars or tattoos,” confirms Dr. Fiala. “You can’t treat over tattooed areas, as those become very hot.”

Dr. Fiala also explains that the data shows that EON is both safe and effective for abdominal contouring in a vast majority of patients. In fact, patients in studies conducted by the brand noted an average fat loss percentage of 21.6 percent along the treated area 12 weeks after a singular treatment, with some patients experiencing 40-percent fat loss. Greater results are expected with multiple treatments in the same areas.

The bottom line

Many people simply want to try a treatment that can provide them with a more contoured physique without any of the pain, risks, and post-op downtime associated with surgical procedures. Having options like EON can really help physicians give their patients safe and effective non-surgical choices to achieve their aesthetic goals.

As with any procedure, it’s best to ask a healthcare provider if this treatment is right for you. After all, with such great published results, it’s certainly worth inquiring about.