Robotic Technology for Body Contouring

Discover EON, the premier touchless robotic laser device, FDA cleared for abdominal fat reduction.

EON leverages innovative touchless robotic technology
to advance the laser aesthetic industry.

EON uses an intelligent robotic arm to deliver laser energy and cooling simultaneously for a comfortable patient experience. The laser energy induces apoptosis and the body eliminates the fat cells through its lymphatic system. Best results are seen at 12 weeks. During the procedure, patient comfort is maintained with the best cooling system in the industry


In a clinical study, patients lost 21.6% fat on average, with some patients experiencing 40% fat loss, and all patients responding after a single treatment.


Consistently treats more surface area than the market leader in 1 hour.


Intuitive and efficient setup and operation.

How it works

The aesthetic practitioner determines the area for treatment.

EON scans and maps the patient’s topography.

EON safely and effectively delivers laser energy to treat the adipose tissue for body sculpting.

No required gels or applicators.

No clean up.

No need for post-treatment massages.

No patient downtime.

Scientific Advisory Committee Comments

“As the chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee I have the most experience with eon, and I highly recommend it. My patients have found it to be painless, effective and fast in getting rid of fat.”

Dr. Thomas Fiala

Plastic Surgeon
Orlando, FL

“The staff likes it…they like the automated way it delivers energy. Fun to watch! Interface is easy to use.”

Dr. Suzanne Kilmer

Sacramento, CA

“It’s amazing. You can see no contact (with the skin), a precision-controlled robotic arm, and it treats a larger area (than the market leader)…the robot is the coolest thing you will see!”

Dr. Jill Waibel

Miami, FL

About the Company

Dominion develops disruptive aesthetic technologies to meet the needs of aesthetic physicians.

Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. is a laser medical device company headquartered in Texas, with technical labs in Florida.

Dominion’s product EON, is the premier robotic, touchless body contouring  platform device, FDA cleared for full abdominal fat reduction.

Dominion aims to offer the best solutions for aesthetic physicians and practitioners by leveraging the knowledge of its renowned Scientific Advisory Committee along with its word-class research & development team.


A world-class team in lasers and medical devices.


Scientific Advisory Committee comprised of renowned physicians and experts in medical laser aesthetics.


Founded in science using strong research and patient studies.

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