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Technology for Body Contouring.

Introducing eon™, the world’s first noninvasive, noncontact body sculpting device that is FDA cleared for abdominal fat reduction.


from Janet Campbell, Chairman and CEO


eon’s body contouring technology is fast, easy to use, and covers a larger surface area.

The new device uses an articulated arm that delivers laser energy and cooling simultaneously for a comfortable patient experience. The laser energy induces apoptosis and the body eliminates the fat cells through its lymphatic system. The optimum effect is seen after 12 weeks. During the procedure, patient comfort is maintained with the patent-pending cooling system.


Works in 20 minutes and treats 6x more surface area than the market leader.


Fast setup and easy to use.


In a clinical study, all patients received an average of 26.3% fat reduction and over 39% achieved between 20—45% fat reduction in a single treatment.

How it works

The aesthetic practitioner determines the area for body contouring. Then eon maps the patient’s topography. eon safely and effectively delivers laser energy to treat the adipose tissue for body sculpting.

Unlike other body sculpting technologies, eon is completely non-contact and does not require applicators or gels.

No fuss. No mess. No clean up. No need for post-treatment massages. And no patient downtime!

Before and After

Female Patient

12 Weeks Post-Treatment

Male Patient

12 Weeks Post-Treatment

“Everyone is telling me I’m getting skinnier.”


Female Patient Testimonial

"Pants fit much looser…bought size smaller…waist is two sizes smaller…"


Female Patient Testimonial

“Easy! I’d definitely do more.”


Male Patient Testimonial


eon works so well, your patients will come back for more. As Dominion secures FDA clearance for additional indications, you will be able to offer your patients more treatment options!

We pride ourselves on providing white glove service in every aspect of our relationship with you and your practice.

Comments from Scientific Advisors who participated in our clinical study:

“The clever engineering of eon might well make it the “next big thing” for non-invasive body contouring.”

Dr. Thomas Fiala

Plastic Surgeon
Orlando, FL

“The staff likes it…they like the automated way it delivers energy. Fun to watch! Interface is easy to use.”

Dr. Suzanne Kilmer

Sacramento, CA

“Many perks – articulated arm, quick treatment times, no contact, and I do like the rose gold laser color option.”

Dr. Jill Waibel

Miami, FL

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About the Company

Dominion develops disruptive aesthetic technologies to meet the needs of aesthetic physicians.

Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. (Dominion) is a laser platform medical device company headquartered in San Antonio, TX, with technical labs in Orlando, Fl.

Dominion’s product eon, the world’s first non-invasive, non-contact body contouring device is FDA cleared for full abdominal fat reduction (FR).

The company’s purpose is to offer the best solutions for aesthetic physicians and practitioners. In developing new products, it utilizes the knowledge of its Scientific Advisory Committee comprised of world-renowned experts. The company designs, builds and commercializes high technology aesthetic devices.


A world-class team in lasers and medical devices.


A KOL/Scientific Advisory Committee comprised of renowned physicians and experts in medical laser aesthetics.


A commitment to be founded in science and bases all of its efficacy on strong research and patient studies.


Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer​

Janet Campbell

The team leader who launched Dominion, created the concept of eon, and assembled the company’s world-class team.



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