Breakthrough Treatment: Remove Unwanted Fat, Permanently, Without Surgery

With how busy we all seem to be, who has time to consider a cosmetic procedure that requires downtime? When you factor in recovery time and the length of treatments themselves, it can seem like a pipe dream. However, thanks to EON — the world’s first robotic non-invasive, no-touch body contouring device — lengthy treatments and recovery time are no longer concerns!

We turn to Dr. Don Griffin of Nashville Cosmetic Surgery (NCS) for insight on this non-invasive treatment that is proving to be a real game-changer. We found answers to the following questions:

How does EON work?

  • What is treatment like?
  • How is EON so effective and comfortable without the downtime?
  • Who are ideal candidates for EON?
  • What is the cost of EON at NCS?

Dr. Don Griffin of Nashville Cosmetic Surgery is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. He recently welcomed EON to his practice, an innovative and touchless fat reduction treatment.

How does EON work?

EON is a fat reduction treatment that uses laser technology to heat fat cells, while using a revolutionary cooling system to maintain comfort throughout the treatment. The fat cells in the area treated are permanently destroyed.

“With other treatments, the challenge has always been how to get the fat beneath the skin to a high enough temperature while at the same time keeping the patient comfortable throughout the treatment. EON has solved that problem,” explains Dr. Griffin.

What is treatment like?

Wondering what to expect during your treatment? The robotic arm measures out the specific area while never touching you. From there, the touchless, robotic technology moves back and forth over the marked area, targeting the fat to be treated. Fat cells are heated to a temperature where they are destroyed and are disposed of through your body’s lymphatic system.

Nashville Cosmetic Surgery is home to one of 15 EON machines in the country and is one of only two providers in Tennessee offering the treatment.

How is EON so effective with no downtime?

What keeps you feeling cool and comfortable throughout the treatment is EON’s proprietary cooling technology. This revolutionary technology makes EON the first device of its kind while keeping your treatment effective and comfortable.

“Treatment for one area only takes about 20 minutes, and the whole abdomen can be treated in around 60 minutes. This treatment time is remarkably short compared to other fat reduction treatments on the market,” explains Dr. Griffin. “One of the reasons we have patients come in for a consultation before treatment is because treatment areas differ from patient to patient depending on where you have the excess fat and how large the area is,” he continues. “The provider marks out the area in a grid, and EON treats just that size grid. You can personalize it, but it’s not going to treat the whole abdomen at one time.”

Perhaps the biggest advantage of EON is the recovery time … or lack thereof. The treatment does not require any downtime. While you may feel a bit tender after the treatment, you can return to work or run errands and resume normal activity. The only thing Dr. Griffin tells his patients not to do is strenuous exercise for 24 hours post-treatment.

You will see optimal results 12 weeks after treatment, as pictured here.

Clinical studies on patients treated with EON showed a fat reduction of 21.6% in the treated area with just one treatment. However, each patient is different, and some patients may require additional treatments to achieve those results.

As pictured here, a paper disc is placed over extra-sensitive areas, such as your belly button. The area still receives heat from the surrounding tissue, but the skin is not getting direct heat.

Even Dr. Griffin has received the EON treatment, and one of the biggest benefits is that it does not require any downtime post-treatment. Here, Dr. Griffin is pictured after receiving his treatment, showing you can immediately return to your normal lifestyle!

Who is the ideal candidate for EON?

Dr. Griffin recommends candidates with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less who live a healthy lifestyle and are in relatively good shape. “[EON is] for people who have those stubborn fat areas they just can’t get rid of even though they exercise and their weight is normal — the tummy, hips, inner thighs, and bra roll area,” says Dr. Griffin. EON can be used on any flat area of the body with excess fat.

EON can also be used on all skin types, which is another way EON stands out among current technologies on the market, as many other laser treatments cannot be performed on individuals with darker skin tones.

EON is recommended for individuals who have stubborn, unwanted areas of fat and who maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle.

How much does EON cost?

Dr. Griffin recommends two treatments in six-week intervals when treating the same area, and you will see optimal results 12 weeks after treatment.

Pricing begins at $1,250 per segment, and discounts are available for each treated segment after that.

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