Device Review: EON by Dominion Aesthetic Technologies

Article orginally published on Aesthetic Authority

In this monthly technology review, Michael Kluska, DO, and Chad Deal, MD, discuss the EON by Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, including device specifics, cost, and ROI.

In this monthly review series, Michael Kluska, DO, and Chad Deal, MD, of Southern Surgical Arts, Chattanooga, Tennessee, describe and examine devices and technologies to help other physicians choose the right piece of equipment for their practice.

This month, they discuss the noninvasive fat reduction device, EON by Dominion Aesthetic Technologies. In the wake of nonideal fat reduction devices in the market, Kluska and Deal highlight the positives of the EON robotic device, which uses a robotic arm to scan and map a patient’s topography and deliver laser energy to induce apoptosis. The procedure eliminates fat cells through the lymphatic system and sees the best results after 12 weeks, according to the company. EON maintains patient comfort using a cooling system.

In the video, Kluska and Deal discuss device specifics, cost, ROI and more. Watch the video here.