VP of Business Development​​

Barbara Lind

A behavioral scientist with over 25 years of experience in strategic sales, marketing, new business development and fundraising. 

Barbara Lind ​is a behavioral scientist with over 25 years of experience in strategic sales, marketing, new business development, and fundraising.

SVP of Corporate Development at Seno Medical Instruments where she
worked closely with the CEO on investor relations, sales, marketing, new
business development and over $100M in fundraising.

Founding member of the Renaissance Strategy Group, taken public on
NASDAQ. Barbara grew the company to a $15 Million business prior to the IPO
where she led marketing, business development, sales and promotions.

Well connected globally and has collaborated with business and academic
thought leaders including: David Norton and Bob Kaplan of the Balanced
Scorecard Institute; Michael Porter of Competitive Strategy; Mark Huselid of
Human Capital and Workforce analytics; Richard Norton on the Role of IT to
transform organizations and markets; Ken Blanchard, author of The
One-Minute Manager; and Dave Ulrich with his work in Strategic Human

Barbara graduated from Drake University and the University of Massachusetts
with an MA and an Ph.D. ABD.

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